Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So Epic!

10 images crammed together to make one ridiculously overdone bad picture.

Playing around with a new type of photography.

It makes everything look so epic.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Found some old cell phone photos.

Walking through the field to get to the full pipe spot.

You wish your cell phone could do this.

Good old surf side.

Its OK they're brothers.

Everyone wish Brian good luck. He's in the army now.

This is what skateboards are really for.


What kind of dreams do you think he's having?

I think the people who worked at this King Soopers hated Nate and I.

This was written on Chads board.

Old man Kelly relieving his bladder.

Sorry Nate, this photo is just to funny.

Market add campaign that really never caught on.

We still thought Grant was from Germany and Aj still skated fossil when this photo was taken.
Thomas had one way before it was cool.

Nate and I used to go shopping like this at 2 in the morning.

Matt perfecting his ability to fall asleep anywhere.


Grant is one creepy dude.

Look how young and Innocent he looks.

Eric working on something artsy.

Play found much.
What is that coming out of his pants?


I used to eat like this three times a day.

"How many shots of margarita are in this?"
Sean Kelly

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sorry it took so long folks
Blog that shit!


And Again!

this is what happens when you drink and run through the desert in the dark

This is the best part of camping

Aj likes to do this whenever he can

I want to be friends with this person

Schuyler found a fanny pack at the good will

Campsite in the morning

Will anyone miss these more than Schuyler?

Pj had a neck pillow

Not driving is hard work

Somebody was transporting pod racers

My finger